These Aren’t the Leaders You’re Looking For: Polls Election Voters

Adult starlet and popular cam performer Harriet Sugarcookie took to her lifestyle website to poll fans this week ahead of the U.S. Presidential Election and one thing is clear: American citizens would rather vote for a Dark Lord than an actual candidate.
Sugarcookie polled nearly 800 fans, giving them the choice to vote for Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump or Darth Vader. A full 69% would prefer the rule of the Dark Side over either candidate combined, and controversial Russian President Vladimir Putin got high marks as well.
“I knew Clinton and Trump were unpopular candidates but I had no idea it was this bad,” said Sugarcookie, noting the vitriol aimed at both nominees. “What surprised me even more is that if Vladimir Putin was also standing for president, he’d win by a whopping 43%! It seems people just can’t get enough of the Evil Empire.”
The 2016 election has become a flashpoint for emotions and divisive opinions, but it seems everyone can agree on the fact that both candidates are equally unpopular and voters would vote for just about anyone else.
“Vader may have his dark side, but to be fair to him, he keeps all his emails on official Galactic Empire servers and he treats people of all the planets races just as badly. Perhaps there’s a lesson there?”
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