Sex With a Vacuum Cleaner? Polls Men About Their Sex Toys

Men’s adult lifestyle website explores the weirder side of solo sex in an eye-opening new article.
“Some people believe that sexbots are the future,” website founder Harriet Sugarcookie writes. “However that leaves us with the question, ‘What are men using right now?'”
In ‘5% of Men Have Had Sex with a Vacuum Cleaner‘, Sugarcookie recently conducted an online poll about the more ‘unusual’ sexual aids, and found that 5% of men have used a vacuum cleaner as a sex toy.
Sugarcookie soon learns why men are sucked in (pun intended) to the masturbatory allure of a household appliance. “Many men not only enjoy the feeling but do it on a regular basis,” she adds. “The common consensus is that the suction and vibrations from a vacuum cleaner can bring on an intense orgasm that’s different to normal sex or masturbation.”
Only 4% of men polled have engaged in sex with a cheap ‘blow-up doll’, and even less (2%) have with a high-end doll. Standard masturbation toys, however, were considerably more popular.
“28% of men said they have used or continue to use these sex toys,” writes Sugarcookie. The reason they appeal more to men than a blow up sex doll could be because they still leave a lot to the imagination.”
But Sugarcookie’s poll also revealed that 68% of men have never used a sex toy at all for solo pleasure and are just fine with the old-school ways. “It seems the majority of men are more than happy to use their hands.”
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