Maryjean Appears as Live Canvas on SpikeTV’s ‘Ink Master’


 Maryjean appeared on this week’s episode of SpikeTV’s “Ink Master.” The Dominican porn star, featured in the July / August issue of “Girls of Penthouse,” was one of the live canvases on the tattoo reality show, hosted by Dave Navarro, Chris Núñez, and Oliver Peck.

There was an argument between Maryjean and contestant Kito Talbert during the elimination segment of the episode, where the curvaceous beauty from the Bronx expressed her dissatisfaction with Talbert’s artwork for the koi fish tattoo challenge.

“It’s my skin…I have to live with it for the rest of my life, and [the show] doesn’t pay for tattoo removal,” said Maryjean to the artist and judges during the episode. “I want us to be on the same page, but it looks like my niece drew this.”

Before she left the stage, host Navarro apologized, saying, “I hope we can work this out in the future.”

Talbert was subsequently sent home by the judges.

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