HarrietSugarcookie.com Surveys the Mainstreaming of Rough Sex with Revealing Poll

British-Asian film starlet and popular cam performer Harriet Sugarcookie is openly tackling the topic of rough sex on her lifestyle blog HarrietSugarcookie.com.
 Sugarcookie’s latest post, Newbies Guide to Rough Sex, shines a spotlight on a once-taboo activity that’s since nestled comfortably into mainstream pop culture. She thoughtfully addresses the possible pitfalls of extreme intimacy, from choking, hair pulling, bondage and spanking to scratching, biting and role play.
 Sugarcookie also conducted a survey to compare online users’ personal tastes with her own. “With porn’s popularity and the 50 Shades explosion, it seems like rough sex is now vanilla,” writes Sugarcookie in her blog. “I surveyed porn users to find out just how popular it is and what their experiences are.”
 Results from the survey, which Sugarcookie has presented in a colorful infographic, show that 55% of users discovered rough sex through watching porn and 35% from a partner – but 28% don’t know where to start while 12% fear telling their partner at all.
 “All good sexual relationships, of course, boil down to communication,” said Sugarcookie, noting that all the sexy talk adds to the stimulation as well as maintains a level of safety. ” It’s important to also stay in control and be completely aware of you and your partner’s comfort levels.”
 Sugarcookie, a popular new cam girl and adult performer with her own NSFW lifestyle website for men, harrietsugarcookie.com  – lovingly referred to as ‘Playboy for geeks’ – mixes her personal blog musings with some advice columns, celebrity gossip, revealing articles, favorite recipes and XXX sex scenes together for an engaging mix of personalized, stimulating entertainment straight from Sugarcookie herself.
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