HarrietSugarcookie.com Shares Scenes from Anissa Kate’s Budapest Sex Tape

Men’s adult lifestyle websiteHarrietSugarcookie.com has just released three scorching new scenes taken from French porn star Anissa Kate’s recent trip to Hungary.
Website founder and performer Harriet Sugarcookie recently invited the sultry exotic beauty to her new home in Budapest and recorded every glorious moment together – including their impromptu hookups – in eye-popping detail.
In her first post, ‘What’s It Like to Have Sex With Anissa Kate?’, Sugarcookie is instantly smitten: “Every time our eyes meet I feel that there’s this little spark… I try to think of the most polite way to ask her to come to the bedroom, because I really need to kiss her soon.”
The party hits a high note when Sugarcookie introduces her friend to Kate. “My housemate Dean Van Damme was also in the room so I dragged him into the action,” she writes, chronicling their X-rated exploits in two posts, ‘Sex With Arab-French Porn Star Anissa Kate’and ‘Anissa Kate Gets a Creampie’.
Sugarcookie’s sexual exploits make up only part of the star’s success: in just one year, HarrietSugarcookie.com – an engaging mix of sci-fi/nerd culture, film/TV reviews, celebrity, advice, food, fantasy football and more – has blossomed into one of the UK’s leading adult websites, with monthly traffic regularly topping over 300,000 visitors.
For more information visit HarrietSugarcookie.com.


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