‘Fearless’ Founders Spring Forward with Fresh Slate of Men’s Success Seminars in Los Angeles

Lifestyle & success coaches Dave Stultz and Brian Begin, founders of men’s personal development siteTheFearlessMan.com, announce new dates for their specially-designed workshops, events and seminars for Spring 2017 in Los Angeles.
“Our Spring seminars are now being finalized and we’ve added new intensive workshops to the schedule to meet our students’ requests and individual needs,” said Stultz, noting that two new workshops have been added to Fearless’ L.A. schedule.
The ‘Fearless’ instructors will host the introductory Experience workshopMarch 17-19 and April 14-16. The weekend coaching session analyzes the inner workings of one’s mind, body and spirit, working through deep-rooted limiting beliefs that inhibit personal growth and happiness.
The duo will also present The Gathering, March 1, March 15 & March 29 at 8:00 PM. The two-hour discussion group touches on the basics of mindset adjustment techniques for the challenges of everyday life.
New for 2017: Stultz and Begin are introducing an intensive training course to the Fearless curriculum, the Weeklong Immersion Program, starting February 19-25; March 5-11 and April 2-8. They will then travel to Bucharest, Romania to teach Immersion programs to a European student group.
They will also present the The Fearless Man Live on March 25 & 26 with, according to Stultz “demonstrations of connection and vulnerability.”
The Fearless coaches have just released new video guide Sex Signals, focusing on non-verbal sexual communication, and the 100-page eBook ‘manifesto’,Fearless With Women. Both are designed to function as an inexpensive alternative to Stultz and Begin’s private workshops, maintaining the Fearless core principles.
Stultz and Begin are prominently featured in a new AskMen.com article, “The Fearless Man Workshop Review – What I Learned From Two Days of Confidence Training”. AskMen.com contributor Rodrigo Stecher, a health, wellness and fitness professional in San Diego, traveled to Los Angeles to take part in Stultz and Begin’s introductory weekend seminar, The Fearless Experience. The article can be found at http://www.askmen.com/money/career/the-fearless-man-workshop-review.html.
Stultz and Begin launched thefearlessman.com as an educational and empowering program to strengthen men’s personal power and self-awareness, tackle personal obstacles and restructure core beliefs while building the necessary confidence to ensure long-term personal and professional success.

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