EHM Hosts 13th Annual HUMP! Film Festival April 19 – 21



The Erotic Heritage Museum is pleased to announce it will be hosting Dan Savage’s HUMP! Film Festival April 19-21. The popular film festival is currently on a national tour of its one-of-a-kind adult film showcase, coming to Sin City for the first time ever in its 13-year history.


“We are excited to host three nights of one of the most notable film festivals currently touring the continental US,” says EHM Executive Director Dr. Victoria Hartmann. “This festival helps revives a 70’s era American phenomenon – watching and enjoying sexually explicit films in a communal space. HUMP! helps to create dialog between people face to face and normalize the pleasure in watching adult entertainment.”


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Since its inception in 2005, HUMP! has become a national phenomenon, selling tens of thousands of tickets. This year’s festival – with 21 new films – promises to make viewers laugh, gasp, sweat, and wriggle in their seats. Watching these amusing, thought-provoking, artistic, sometimes touching, and often outrageous films together in a theater full of friends and strangers is a uniquely strange and wonderful experience. The 13th Annual HUMP! Film Festival opened in Seattle and Portland in November 2017, traveling to over 35 cities across the USA and Canada throughout 2018.


“It’s hard to believe HUMP! has been going strong for 13 years,” says Savage. “We are always amazed at the variety of films we receive each year. Choosing the films that ultimately make it in the festival is a huge challenge! Audiences will be watching things that take them outside their comfort zones. Some of it is hilarious. Some of it is romantic. Some of it is totally raunchy. People laugh, they gasp, some even cover their eyes. But at the end of every film, they all clap and cheer. There’s really nothing like it. The whole festival is this great celebration of sexual freedom and diversity.”


Dan Savage, the prolific mind behind the Savage Love sex advice column, the popular Savage Love podcast, and the It Gets Better Project, is an author, pundit, and public speaker. The HUMP! Film Festival was created by him to showcase adult films made by creative, unabashedly sex-positive people from all over the world. HUMP! is, first and foremost, about acceptance, redefining conventional “porn,” one audience at a time as it tours the country. To read Playboy’s coverage of the festival, visit


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