And the Survey Says…IWC & IWCC Are Quickly Becoming the Go-To Sites

iWantClips recently paid an independent research team to find out what types of customers visit their sites iWantClips and iWantCustomClips, their popularity around the world, and much more. The research proved that IWC and IWCC are quickly becoming the go-to sites and are way ahead of the pack of other clips and customs sites.

Their independent research team found that iWantClips and iWantCustomClips customers have more money to spend and have an average yearly income of $100k or more. And, they’re definitely spending it on the models’ clips and tipping/tributing them exceedingly well.

Members of both iWantClips and iWantCustomClips visiting the sites spend an average of 10 minutes every day on the site—that’s more than any other clips sites. That would probably be because IWC and IWCC models and studios have the best content.

iWantCustomClips is popular not just in the U.S., but also all over the world. IWCC rankings beat out sites like Customs4U and

All the research and results are just a few reasons why every day more models are signing up with us than the competition and they’re making a killing,” says Jay Phillips, VP of “We might be some of the newer kids on the block, but we’re giving the long established sites a run for their money. We’re getting a huge lion’s share of the traffic, which keeps the models and studios happy and also gets us more sign ups every day.”

If you’re a model or studio who wants to join the team and get all the amazing perks and/or iWantCustomClips offer, sign up at and/or Customers can sign-up to be members by going to and/or and click on

“Join Free” in the top right hand corner.

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