Harriet Sugarcookie Presents Human ‘Pets’ at Play in Unusual New Dominatrix Video

Madame Margherite Profiled in UK’s The Sun Demonstrating the Erotic Art of Animal Roleplay
(LONDON, UK / June 16, 2017) – Harriet Sugarcookie, founder of the UK’s leading men’s adult lifestyle site HarrietSugarcookie.com, indulges fans in the art of animal roleplay with a leading dominatrix in her latest online entry, “Madame Margherite and Her Human Pets”.
In the new HarrietSugarcookie.com article and SFW YouTube link, which was also just profiled by the UK’s The Sun newspaper, Sugarcookie introduces Margherite to viewers as a professional shepherdess specializing in ‘pet play’, where most of the clients are “looking for affection and gratification.”
“I like to bring out their personalities,” says Margherite in the interview, “really give them the opportunity to shine in a way that, maybe they don’t have the courage or energy to in a normal, non-animalistic setting.”
What Margherite offers, writes Sugarcookie, “is the ability to completely lose yourself into your animal self… she protects and cares for you as any devoted pet owner would,” with what the LA-based dominatrix calls her “reward and rebuke system… if they disobey me, they might get put in a cage… spanked or cropped, and if they do good, then I reward them with treats.”
Her clients fashion “a sort of human zoo where they escape from the pressures of everyday life by living as the animal that reflects their personality and desires best,” writes Sugarcookie. “If you’re a wild animal, she starts the process of taming you. You can fully throw yourself into the roleplay, forget everything and truly bond and connect with Madame Margherite.”
Since its 2015 launch, HarrietSugarcookie.com, ‘Porn for Geeks’, has become one of the UK’s leading adult websites – regularly topping over 300,000 monthly visitors – mixing the British adult entertainer’s articles about pop culture, sex, sci-fi/fantasy films, fashion, advice, food and sports alongside amateur XXX video clips and free live cam shows.
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